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Carnival Workshops and Events

Animated shirehorse lantern.  "Brecon Canal Celebrations 2012"

Animated shirehorse lantern. “Brecon Canal Celebrations 2012″

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Clydach Lake Lantern celebrations

Clydach Lake Lantern celebrations

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70ft dancing dragon for Talgarth School chinese new year celebrations

70ft dancing dragon for Talgarth School chinese new year celebrations








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Arts Alive Forest Arts Workshops for Everybody

Arts Alive Forest Arts Workshops for Everybody


A Short Video By Ben Holden: with John Whitehead, Saul Nicholas and Youth Club Members:

Part of the ArtsAlive Greenfire Talgarth  Arts and Environment 2010-2011 project.  Here we are coming to the end of the project and are making carved stone pieces using images from local wildlife  to embed into the educational Riverwalk at the new Talgarth Mill Centre. Also learning the principles of blacksmithing.

This was part of a wider project and we have been focusing on the local environment as a basis for the arts activities with partnerships with Brecknock wildlife trust and local wildlife educator AlexFarley.  There have been wildlife walks, stream dipping, drama games and observation all based on the local habitat.  All these have been interspersed with the making sessions, including lanterns and a lantern procession, tree dressing, printmaking, banner making and music.  Oh and of course the stone carving and balcksmithing sessions.   One of the main aims has been to allow enough time to make sure that the young people and families have enough time to really get a chance to learn new skills and make something permanent.  These stone carvings have been the young people contribution to an educationsla Riverwalk garden as part of the Talgarth Mill Village SOS project recently seen on BBC1 and now open to attract lots of visitors.  We are hoping to build on this and continue with arts projects and a real skills based sustainable education for the future in 2011 202.

Project manager Lynette Margerison




Wish Boats:    Forest and Outdoor Arts  with natural materials

A celebratory workshop for everyone, making small brown paper wish boats then we collect different flowers berries, leaves, depending on the season and write a wish to set sail down the river or stream Using only natural materials.  there is only gumstrip, flowers and a bit of mud no rubbish, no waste.













Lets hear it from the band!

Learning to use real tools and recycled materials


Lets hear it from the band.   Workshops with special kids and other special kids at Barry Memorial Theatre  using all kinds of scrap including car inner tubes and bumpers, venetian blinds and umbrellas we made a larger than life rock band.  This was exhibited in the new Art Gallery next to Barry Library.    Everyone in the workshops had to learn to use a handsaw, a hammer, a spanner, nuts and bolts and a hand drill.  The kids designed the pieces and many of the parts were put together by the kids themselves.







Boats in trees